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iPhone / iPad: Fix an Unresponsive Home Button

September 26, 2012


Always helpful, OS X Daily shares a fix for a common iOS 5 quirk: the unresponsive home button. Advertisements

Hot Or Cold, It’s Yummy

September 25, 2012


How old is your microwave? Perhaps a better question is, does it still (heck, did it ever) heat evenly? Here is a quick way to check:

iPhone / iPad: Faster Internet

September 23, 2012


The folks at OS X Daily apply a common PC solution to the iPhone: If your wifi internet seem slow on your iPad or iPhone you can modify your DNS to speed things up. (This isn’t always the issue, but it can make a difference.)

How to Block Annoying Political Posts on Facebook

September 6, 2012


How to Block Annoying Political Posts on Facebook In 3 Easy Steps Learn how to stop the Facebook madness that is the general election. This skill is worth knowing for, oh, so many reasons:

Are We There Yet?

September 5, 2012


Call me lazy, but I don’t want to go someplace unless I know where it is. It saves gas, time, money and above all, aggravation. The same thing is true online.

iOS: How Making Things Easy Has Made Things Tense

September 3, 2012

0 reminds us that, decades of poorly coded memory management can persist even in worlds where they no longer apply.