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Do You Really Pay Retail Online?

September 28, 2012


We worry about people who pay retail. Actually we worry if we pay retail. So, to overcome that, we don’t. Here are three things we do… Advertisements

iPhone / iPad: Fix an Unresponsive Home Button

September 26, 2012


Always helpful, OS X Daily shares a fix for a common iOS 5 quirk: the unresponsive home button.

iPhone / iPad: Free GPS

September 25, 2012


If you are paying for GPS services on your iPhone or iPad: Stop. There are two great, and free, GPS applications available that you can start using use right now. They are…

iPhone / iPad: Faster Internet

September 23, 2012


The folks at OS X Daily apply a common PC solution to the iPhone: If your wifi internet seem slow on your iPad or iPhone you can modify your DNS to speed things up. (This isn’t always the issue, but it can make a difference.)

iOS: How Making Things Easy Has Made Things Tense

September 3, 2012

0 reminds us that, decades of poorly coded memory management can persist even in worlds where they no longer apply.