Do You Really Pay Retail Online?

Posted on September 28, 2012


We worry about people who pay retail. Actually we worry if we pay retail. So, to overcome that, we don’t. Here are three things we do…

1.AppShopper: Prices change more in the virtual space than in the real world. If you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user we highly recommend using AppShopper. It not only tells you what the prices of each app is, but also what its is pricing history and lets you monitor apps your interested in by email.

2. The Tracker: The best way to save money is to buy things when they are on sale. Just like AppShopper, The Tracker monitors and displayed pricing history as well as lets you receive price changes by email. The difference? The Tracker tracks Amazon. They even have extension that track Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

3. RetailMeNot: Sometimes you just can’t wait. Sometimes Amazon doesn’t have what you want. Sometimes Amazon does, but they aren’t really the best price in town. Enter Instead of getting email ad spammed from countless retailers in order to identify the one time you need, say, earmuffs, you can look up what sales and coupons are available at each store.

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