iPhone / iPad: Faster Internet

Posted on September 23, 2012


The folks at OS X Daily apply a common PC solution to the iPhone:

If your wifi internet seem slow on your iPad or iPhone you can modify your DNS to speed things up. (This isn’t always the issue, but it can make a difference.)

1. Find a better DNS. Usehttp://code.google.com/p/namebench/to locate one on your computer – if your computer is on the wifi network you want to speed up. If you don’t have a computer, don’t want to download the program or are to lazy you can use google’s DNS which is fast but not always the fastest. Google offers either and

On your iOS device:
2. Open Settings
3. Go to “Wi-Fi” and tap the blue arrow next to your network of chic.
4. Touch the numbers next to “DNS” and replace them to your above DNS.
5. Using the button “Wi-Fi Networks” back out to save the setting.

Tip: OS X Daily

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