Are We There Yet?

Posted on September 5, 2012


Call me lazy, but I don’t want to go someplace unless I know where it is. It saves gas, time, money and above all, aggravation. The same thing is true online.

Ever seen those annoying posts on Facebook that 10 or so friends all posted? I am talking about the ones that claim that Starbucks is giving away gift cards, or some obscene act was caught on video. These proliferate by obscuring the link you’re clicking. Unlike spam you might see in your inbox, these are posted by people you actually know. Curiosity and trust weigh in their favor.

The first way to combat this is to know where your link is taking you. Most browsers have an option to share the link path, but for some reason, Safari doesn’t. The good news is that Daniel Bergey has developed a fairly well made extension that gives Safari that feature.

1. Head towards:

2. Click on Invisible Status Bar. (As of this writing, he is on version 1.2.)

3. Go to your downloads folder and double-click “invisiblestatusbar.safarixtz”.

4. Allow it to install.

5. In the Safari Menu Bar, under “Safari”, choose “Preferences…”

6. Along the top of the window that opened click “Extensions”.

7.Choose “Invisible Status” to enable, customize and uninstall.

8. Assuming you didn’t uninstall, head on over to a web page, hover the cursor over a link. (If the page is already open, you may have to refresh it.) In the bottom left corner you should see the web url that the link will direct you too and use this information to decide if you should click it.

Not hovering over a link:

Hovering over a link. (Notice the bar that appeared in the lower left.)

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