Mac Tip: Google Maps

Posted on September 2, 2012


If your anything like me, you love Google Maps. Since I started using Waze I rarely use google maps on my iPhone, but on my Mac, nothing seems to be faster or more convenient. What you may not realize is that Safari has a direct tie to Google Maps.

This shortcut is brought by a Mac feature called Services. Services are a way to add shortcuts to the OS and to Applications that allow actions within the application or within other applications. What makes Services so great is that they are specified to situations. Services involving text only appear when you have text selected and Services involving files only appear when a file is selected. Its easy and reduces the clutter of a large menu.

We will cover services more later, but for now, do you want to see how easy it is to map an address on a website?

1. In Safari, highlight an address.

2. Right click, or if you have a trackpad two-finger click, the highlighted address.

3. From the menu that appeared choose “Show Address in Google Maps”

There you go. You just used Services.

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